Public School to Teach the Bible


bible laying open on tablePublic schools in Tennessee may soon offer an elective Bible course to high school students, according to the Associated Press. Kids, and their parents, can decide if they want to take the class for a social studies credit or not.

As you might expect, many people are calling in the "separation of church and state" argument here. But it's not a clear cut case because students are not being forced to take the class. Also, the course is being specially structured so it focuses on the content of the Bible and its historical context.

The schools know this is a very touchy subject, and have hired a college expert to make sure the course and the way it's taught doesn't cross any lines that might end up in a courtroom.

For instance, who actually teaches the class is very important and they must not profess that the Bible is the right or only way.

Moms are torn. Some feel elective or not, it's plain wrong, religion has absolutely no place whatsoever in public school. Period. Others say as long as the option for classes on other religions like Hinduism or Judaism exist if the interest and staffing is there, there should be no problem.

"It's an elective," says one CafeMom. "I don't understand the issue. Nobody is telling kids,'You must take religion courses!' It will be there as an option for those who want to take it and I think that's great. Are people afraid their kid might see my kid's Bible?"

Others say the problem is not about the good intentions, here. It's about the reality.

"What a joke," another CafeMom says. "Bible class in Tennessee? C'mon, that's like code for Bible study. It's f*****g Tennessee for crying out loud! The Bible belt.  Where are they going to find someone to teach from a neutral academic perspective?"

What's the harm in offering historically based classes on religion as electives in public school?


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ethan... ethans_momma06

I actually think this might be a great idea. Most children will never be able to observe any religious text in a historical light and I think that that is a shame. I don't feel that it should be limited to just the bible however. Religions from around the world should be included or should have elective courses available.

It's an elective people, you take it or you don' penalization, no horrible repurcussions...but an amazing educational opertunity IF you want it.

RanaA... RanaAurora

I wish there was a WORLD RELIGIONS class taught by teachers who could be an non-biased as possible.  Teaching Christianity - the MAIN religion in the US - is really kind of a waste.  You have a 70% that the stranger you walk up to is Christian.  How about we teach about more than just one belief system and get some tolerance for the non-mainstream as well?

toria... toriandgrace

The school I'm currently observing studies the bible as a form of literature that is referenced in so many classics.

And the quote against it, way to stereotype based on state.

satki... satkinson78

What is the difference in offering an elective class that teaches the Bible in high school as opposed to offered Literature classes that center around the Bilble in college?  Unfortunately, there is a fine line.  How do you teach the Bible without being biased in some way?  Either you do or don't believe in it.  It isn't like church, where everyone there is of like faith.  I think that the class needs to be specified as strictly a historical studies class or even a literature class.  Oh, and I don't know who this college expert is.  Sorry to say, but we all know that this will end up in a courtroom.  What's that song say?  "Freedom don't come free?"  Well, here is the price our newly "enlightened" country has come to pay for all of our freedoms.  It sucks for some of us.  It really sucks when you don't have a government who can step up and ensure that as this country speeds through all this turmoil, we will be able to keep up with "progress."  I honestly think somewhere there has to be some other way to work out all of these "sudden changes" that seem to be hitting us all at once.  Is it just me, or has the world really gone completely crazy? 

MsKel... MsKelly65

Christian mommy here:  I think they shouldn't stop with offering classes in Bible as a historical document.  The Jewish, Muslim, and Buddhist forms of scripture are historic also, are they not?

okina... okinawamamao3

The public high school that I attended in south Texas, offered a Bible course as an elective.  This was in 1988.  I took the course.  And it was approached from a historical point of view.  It was taught by an older woman who never pushed Jesus as the one true Savior, although that is my personal belief.  It was a small class and not everyone was a  Christian in the class.  I agree too,that if there is enough interest, other religions should be offered as an elective course as well.

MamiJ... MamiJaAyla

its a GREAT idea.  So much of our history and greatest literature has a basis on parts of the bible and cannot be truly understood without a knowledge of the bible.

By the way, I'm not Christian, just all for knowledge.


I don't see anything wrong with it at all.  It is an elective.  Kids that are not interested don't have to take it,  so no one is having their rights violated.  I think that a general "religions of the world" type class would be a great idea too.  Too many people are ignorant regarding religion,  whether they themselves are religious or spiritual or not. 

maris... marisa_belle

I grew in Catholic schools so we always had religion class. My senior year we had a World Religions course and it was my favorite. We even got to visit other places of worship like a Hindu Temple, a Synagogue, and a Mosque. You learn so much about history, and geography, and culture. I would be more for classes like that than just one specific religion or holy book class. And you can teach a class about it in an unbiased way. I went to a Methodist college and Intro to Biblical Literature was a requierment but it was done is such a wonderfully academic way. If I didn't already know everything my professor was talking about from grade and high school- I would have learned so much. As long as whoever teaches is really qualified and can do it in a very academic manner, I don't see the harm in offering it as an elective. I think America would be better off if people were more educated about all our differences.

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