Boys Peeing Outside (In the Park, Against a Wall, Everywhere)

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A CafeMom has been catching her 8 year old son peeing outside along the edge of the woods as he's walking home from school. It's pretty rural, few people can see him, perhaps one of the neighbors. But his mom certainly sees him. And it makes her crazy. She's sick of telling him to use the bathroom.

She's not sure if she should even make a big deal out of this. That it's natural for boys to treat the world as their urinal. Save the energy for bigger battles.

I must admit, I've allowed my own son this little privilege when out on hikes or at the park when there was no public toilet available, or if I just didn't feel like walking him to the john. I'm actually jealous. I'd do it if it wasn't so messy.

After all, people feel that it's acceptable to walk their dogs and let them pee all over the park and ballfields (big pet peeve here), how is the urine of a 7 year old or 67 year old any better or worse? I don't agree with peeing in very public places, like a city street or the running track. Woods, side of the road, meadow, mountain. With modesty, some good hygeine, all okay by me.

At least one mom hates the idea.

"It's GROSS! If there is a bathroom available, they should use it. In a few years, he is going to be a teen and if he pees outside can be ticketed for pubic indecency. I would put a stop to it now! I don't see why people have the 'boys will be boys' attitude. Just because they are boys does not mean they should be allowed to be nasty."

Does it bother you that boys -- or men -- sometimes pee outside?


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Pink.... Pink.Pixie

I have to admit this is one of my biggest pet peeves. I am always taking my son to the park and I am always seeing moms or nannies taking there little boys to go pee by a tree. It drives me crazy for two reasons: 1. There is a public bathroom just a couple a feet away, 2. because my son likes to play with the same tree that all these kids are peeing on. I think it is disgusting. Plus a lot of people walk this park and homeless people are everywhere in this park. Who knows what all these people think. 

RanaA... RanaAurora

I wish I could!

I've let my son pee in a forested area near a playground before and don't regret it.  It was an area in brush where no one would walk, and we had WALKED to the park - 15 minutes.  There's no way a 3-4 year old can hold it to walk home.

berge... bergencounty

Cute dog .... what breed?

beach... beachmom22000

There's no other option, camping, hiking, boating or on a beach and it's quite easy for the boys. I've never been so nieve or uptight about it that I would stop them from doing that. Boys do seem enjoy peeing in other places though and while outside is one thing, in public view is another.  I'm noticing that many moms these days are more open minded than myself and I realize you can't always be present to control every situation.

Case and point, the mom or one of my sons freinds down the street doesn't want the boys running into the house, so she tells the boys they can pee in the yard. Now I don't condone that behavior or allow it in our yard, but since it's what they do there, I don't interfer. Another is at the local pool, there are dressing/shower buildings alongside the pool, but the only restroom is a couple portable out houses outside. Again, I don't condone it, but apparently the boys are peeing on the floor in their changing room. I can't check up on them to see if they do or don't, but being the other guys either do themselves or don't seem to be bothered by it what should I do? I've commented about it to a couple other moms and again they're aware of it, but don't seem to see it as a problem.

Sometimes, like it or not you have to accept that you can't control everything they do and let them be when they're offending others.  

Firef... Firefly7071

All I can say is... It is wrong for my 4 year old to pee on MY lawn, but totally fine for everyone else to let their dogs pee AND poop in my yard ruin my lawn and roll around in my flowers.  I think children peeing outside is such a small thing for us to be worried about.  I think that parents are quick to judge others because they are insecure with themselves.  I just casually put down grass seed every few months to take care of the dog pee burns on my lawn.  It really isnt worth it to make a huge deal out of it.  I LOVE my neighbors and think grass seed is a small price to pay for fantastic neighbors.  

Take that energy and use it elsewhere! 

nonmember avatar Ashley Galde

I think it's okay for boys to pee outside, people today are so uptight esp. the authur of this post

Julia Tilley

Here is my opinion. I am a caretaker of a public park with soccer and softball fields. There are always kids around, there are also portable toliets and bathrooms in two locations. The caretaker house that I live in, in the park is at one end of the park where unfortunatly for me has two spots very nearmy home where public urination occurs. When the weather gets warm let me tell you IT SMELLS! So YES I do have a problem with public urination. If you are camping in the woods ... knock yourself out. next to my home? NO THANK-YOU!

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