Is Math a Racist Subject?

difficult math formula on blackboardA group of people in Seattle claim algebra is racist and they are suing the public system.

The legal challenge has more to do with the district's choice of math books than it does the actual subject, according to Daily News Online, a part of the Seattle Times. The series of books, which the schools paid $1.2 million for already, uses the "inquiry based" method, in which students are at times presented with problems and asked, often in small groups, to figure out ways to solve them.

This is the "new" way of doing math, as opposed to the old-school way where the teacher tells you how to do the problem and you drill it over and over again.


The plaintiffs claim that since many minorities struggle with the English language in the first place, they are at a severe disadvantage in learning math through this new approach.

The suit says Seattle's new math books -- and a "fuzzy" curriculum they represent -- are harmful enough to racial and other minorities that they violate the state constitution's guarantee of an equal education, according to the DNL article.

Moms in and Advice for Moms discussion say this is ludicrous. That everything will be called "racist" one day.

"To me they are saying that white people are only able to understand it and minorities don't have that ability," notes one CafeMom. "Really stupid, IMO."

Do you think algebra is a racist subject as it's currently taught in your child's school?


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