Son Forced to Kill Hamster Over Bad Grades


hamster looking at cameraWhen my son's report card indicated he'd been fooling around too much and needed to pay more attention in class, I told him he'd have to work on this or face consequences. I was thinking no TV or playdates, something along those lines.

A Georgia mom who didn't like her 12 year old son's grades forced him to kill his beloved pet hamster with a hammer.

Wow, what can you say, except maybe, DFCS?

That's exactly what happened to this nutjob 38-year-old mother who thought murdering an innocent pet was the best way to teach her son a lesson.

According to the Washington Post Online, the boy was upset and told his teacher, who reported it to the Division of Family and Child Services, who contacted police.

Lynn Middlebrooks Geter of Warm Springs faces one charge each of animal cruelty, child cruelty and battery.

Okay, so this story is crazy extreme beyond belief, but taking it down a notch, what's the worst punishment you've ever handed out for bad grades?

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Kimra Kimra


Cafe... Cafe Jenn

I just can't imagine what would possess someone to have their child kill their pet. I mean give it away if you need to do something but have your child kill it? What does that teach the child?

As for worst punishment, we have not gotten to that point yet as he is still in kindergarten but if I had to think ahead, I'd say loss of privileges, extra school work to do but nothing that drastic.

Really makes you wonder how many times this does happen.

Marin... Marinegirl89

wow.... i dont even know what to say

Freela Freela

Ugh- that curdles my stomach... what the heck is wrong with that mother? How sadistic can she be? That poor hamster, and the poor child forced to do something violent to a beloved pet by his MOM??? I'm gonna go kiss my son and my guinea pigs now!
The worst punishment I would dish out over poor grades would be cutting back Wii and tv and having an enforced 'study period' every night, say having him study and do homework for a whole hour rather than letting him leave the table once he's finished the assigned work. The pets would be completely safe!

Peajewel Peajewel

OMGosh! What was she thinking? That makes me sick to my stomach. I think the worst I did was ground my son off the phone and from friends until the next report card showed improvement. He had to come home every night and do a paper with me too in the subjects he did bad in.

dream... dreaming10

wow yes we can say DHS and PETA and the court system!

RanaA... RanaAurora

That woman is insanely mentally unstable and shouldn't be around or responsible for ANYTHING - human or otherwise. I'm disgusted.

BLueE... BLueEyedUnicorn

How would that woman like if some took a hammer to her for something she was innocent of ? I don't think she would like that at all. And to make her son do it makes things even worse. I feel sorry for that boy.
The worst thing I ever did besides tae priviliges away from my kids was that they had to quit what they loved the most...after school activities until their grades came up. I was called a mean mom but I got results and the school even agreed with me with making them quit.

Skyle... Skyler11978

I am heart broken. That poor child, standing there crying with a hammer in his hand being forced to do something horrible. How tramitizing!!! My son hurt an animal at age 3 by accident and still gets tears when he talks about it.I am at a lose for words to how upsetting this is....

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