Legos Like You've Never Seen Them Before

lego plastic blockLegos are a fantastically creative toy, a wonderful activity for kids, but I don't like them. My own selfish reasons include:

1. My kids always nominate me to build those really time-consuming complicated cars and spaceships because my husband has big hands and zero patience;

2. I'm almost finished, and inevitably one a critical piece is missing or lost; so frustrating ...

3. I'm always vaccuming them up;

4. They are too fragile. My son was building a castle this weekend and my parents' blind dog lightly glanced it, toppling it into a million pieces and sending my son into hysterical tears.

But these 21 Awesome Life Sized Legos on (nevermind why I'm on are they exception. Sorry I can't show you the pictures on this page, but click the link and prepare to be wowed.


These are awesome. These blow my mind. I can't imagine how many days/months/years some of these sculptures(?) -- Darth Vader, Santa Claus, a car! -- took to make. Probably about as long as it takes me to build one of those stupid little spaceships.

Okay, so if Legos aren't the most annoying kid toy on the face of the earth, what is?

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