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Lice Treatment: 6 Steps to Dead Bugs

Big Kid Cynthia Dermody Jan 20, 2010

1Buy Listerine

Rhe ORIGINAL Listerine, not the flavored stuff, otherwise you will have a sticky mess.

2Soak Their Head

Over the sink or in the bathtub, soak your kid's head in it, wring out the excess, and put their head in a shower or swim cap that fits tightly enough that it will not slip and cover your child's nose or mouth (or keep a cap on for at least a few hours while they are awake). This kills live lice and also any that hatch overnight. Do this EVERY night for 3-4 days.

3Comb Away

Use a lice comb like LiceMeister or the Robi Comb to go through your child's hair and remove the nits, or eggs, attached to the hair shafts. The best way is under a bright light. I would recommend using those strap on head lights (if your husband is a hunter like mine and has those ridiculous things), or take the lamp shade off of a lamp and put it directly next to your "work station".

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4Don't Sterilize Everything

Lice live on people, NOT STUFF. There is no need to panic and sterilize everything. Yes, I suggest washing the kids' sheets and bedding. I also suggest putting your hair brushes through the dishwasher. But if an egg falls onto your couch and you rub your head on that spot, you're not going to get lice. Lice is not transferred through eggs, it is only passed by live lice.

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6Use Hair Gel

I also recommend putting gel in your little boy's hair. Lice are attracted to clean hair. You do not hear about adults getting lice because if you're anything like me, you put products in your hair, you tease your hair, you bleach and color your hair, you straighten, curl and blow dry your hair. These things deter lice. Keep your boys' hair nice and dirty by doing it up with gel every day before school.

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