Soccer Injuries on the Rise

kids playing soccer

Photo by mamasblessings

In my community, soccer is something that all kids automatically do, like learning to write their name, and breathing air. When the fliers come out, you sign your kid up, they play, and that's it. Whether it's their calling in life or not doesn't matter. I guess it's a social thing, but ...

It's also a pretty dangerous thing. Soccer injuries are on the rise, especially among younger, preadolescent players, according to a new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Girls get more knee injuries and boys get more ankle injuries.


Girls also get more concussions than boys, but the report says heading the ball is not the cause of those injuries in girls or boys.

The report said overtly aggressive or dangerous play is the cause of many of these injuries.

Yes, yes, this all makes perfect sense, but now I'm back to thinking about that old joke by Jerry Seinfeld or other comedian about kids and soccer: How come every kid in America plays soccer, but when it comes to the big-time leagues, people would much rather sit around watching baseball and football. What's the point?

What is up with soccer? Why do all the kids play it if it's not really an "adult" American pastime?


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