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The way I look in my pajamas is pretty much the way I look any other day that I'm home from work and running around. My pajamas are essentially yoga pants and a snug cotton top. My everyday clothes are essentially yoga/ workout pants and a snug cotton top.

So, up goes my hand. I'm a "pajama mama," one of those mothers who drop their kids off at school or wait with them at the bus stop in their night clothes.

There are a lot of us out there. You may not realize it because we stay in the car or have our coats on. Usually our hair is in an insta-bun or ponytail because a comb is the last thing on our minds at that hour of the morning.

Half of us are not wearing bras, and haven't brushed our teeth yet ... so just don't get too close.

Makeup? You've got to be kidding.

I do it because you wouldn't be able to tell the difference if I "got dressed." Other moms could just care less if people see them in their pajamas. As a few CafeMoms said recently in a CafeMom Newcomer's Club discussion, "I'm not trying to impress anyone. Who the h**l cares."

Your kids, maybe? Mine are too young, but I'd imagine there's an age when they will shrivel up in embarrassment if I appeared before their friends in my disheveled morning state. I think that happens somewhere around the time they swear off referring to you as "Mommy" and make you walk at least six feet behind them so it doesn't look like you're together.

Someday this could become a useful bargaining tool: "You'd better start speaking to me in a civil tone, young lady, or tomorrow at dropoff I'm pulling out the tartan flannels, fire engine red house slippers, and Donald Duck sweatshirt? Would you like that?"

Are you a "pajama mama"? Does it bother you when other moms show up at school or the bus stop looking like they just crawled out of bed?


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justa... justanotherjen

Personally, I don't really notice what other people are wearing.  Since most families around here have 2 working parents the ones that are dropping off their kids in the morning are usually in their work clothes (I see them in scrubs or dressed nice in heels and slacks/skirts, their hair an make-up done perfectly).

I also sleep in sweats/yoga style pants and t-shirts.  I normally dress in jeans and t-shirts so getting dressed for me in the morning is a matter of switching pants, lol.  My sleep pants are too worn out to wear out any more (they have holes in them because I've been wearing them for about 8 1/2 years now) but I used to wear them out, especially when I'm pregnant since I have no jeans for pregnancy.  I really don't care what people think of how I'm dressed and I don't care what other people are wearing.

StefI... StefInfection

There are two reason's why I'm not I could care less how anyone else dresses and would probably be one myself if not for these reasons.

1. I drop my son off to school and head directly to work so I have to be dressed.

2. I sleep in tank and panties. NO ONE but my honey wants to see me in that. If my son is at his dad's I sleep nakey. So I'm really not a PJ mamma cause I don't wear them. When I come home from work I change into sweats or comfy pants like yoga r sleep pants but I find them to confining when I sleep.

Cafe... Cafe Jenn

I walk my son the 2 1/2 blocks to school almost every morning.  If I don't get a shower and get dressed first, I'm out of whack for the day.  I'd rather stay in my jammies all day but if I do that I get nothing done.

I don't care what other moms wear.  Some of them drop off on their kids on the way to work, others go straight home.  What they wear is not my business. :)

Cinde... CinderAmethyst

**Raising my hand** I'm a Proud Pajama Momma!!!! :D

I have to say if other parents have nothing better to do with their day besides judge me or look at me funny because my hair is in a ponytail or bun with strands sticking out here and there, they seriously need to find a hobby.

It's the wee hours of the morning for me(i'm a night owl) and for me to go through the ritual of changing, doing makeup(even just foundation) and looking decent just to drop my kids off, just thinking about it makes me wore out that early LOL You're not at a parent teacher conference, it's just you taking your child to their place of learning.  It's not prom, an interview or business meeting.  I know enough of the moms there who dress to the nines, hair all done and make up perfected and they still talk TO me when I show up that way in the morning. They are not so vain to roll their eyes or walk the other way when they see me coming. It's so silly really, to think that just because you show up in your jammies, that you somehow NEVER take care of yourself....please. I've heard that before which is why i bring it up here.

We should have a club...proud pajama mommies....walking our kids to school one slipper at a time. LOL

RanaA... RanaAurora

I try not to look like crap, and I wear yoga/lounge pants, not obvious printed jammie pants, but still.  I'm NOT going up there to impress.  Most days the drop-off and pick-up is the only time I leave the house.  I'm not putting on uncomfortable clothes and adding to the chaos in the morning by putting on makeup and all that, just to stand outside for 15-20 minutes.

toria... toriandgrace

I wear nice jeans and a sweater. I personally never go out of the house without a bra, having brushed my teeth, and at least pulled a brush through my hair. Most mornings I will not leave the house without showering, even if I'm just dropping my daughter off at preschool and going home. I believe in looking presentable. I do not wear makeup though, never have.

sston... sstone1977

My kids are getting to the age that they are embarrassed if I don't look presentable.  Believe me, I don't dress up or put make up on, but I do try to at least wear clothes that are presentable (sometimes, yes, that does include a sweatshirt and yoga pants!) and have my face washed and hair pulled back.  It doesn't bother me at all to see how other parents dress.  Honestly, I have never noticed.  But I know it bothers my kids if I go out looking like I just crawled out of bed.  And I don't want to embarrass them.

momma... mommabear1226

I wear my pjs everywhere lol. They are comfy and if I dont get outta the car who cares what I am wearing!! :)


I don't care what anyone else wears or their appearance.  It's their business, and who am I to judge?

As for me, though, I am not comfortable leaving the house if I am not at least presentable.   I had to dress nicely when I used to work in an office...I have relaxed quite a bit now but still keep to some of the routine.  I shower and brush my teeth every morning, but  I am very low maintenance--I could care less about manicures or spending tons of time on hair and makeup.  I'm  40 now and keep my routine as simple as possible.  I keep my hair really short so I only need to comb or finger-fluff it to look OK.  Makeup is generally just a tiny bit of foundation with SPF and a light dusting of powder.  I only bother with it because I'm self-conscious about reddish areas on my face and big pores, plus oily skin.

"Presentable" to me can mean jeans and a Tshirt, or sometimes sweats.  Really depends on what I've got lined up for the day!  If I can get away with that, fine.  But if I have anywhere else to go once I drop the kids off, I try to wear a decent top.  And I do wear a bra whenever I leave the house, just because I bounce too much!  LOL!  But at home, the bra and socks come off.  I like being comfy there.

kaely... kaelynsmomma

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