Pajama Mamas at School

young girl in nightgown

Photo by Tiera

The way I look in my pajamas is pretty much the way I look any other day that I'm home from work and running around. My pajamas are essentially yoga pants and a snug cotton top. My everyday clothes are essentially yoga/ workout pants and a snug cotton top.

So, up goes my hand. I'm a "pajama mama," one of those mothers who drop their kids off at school or wait with them at the bus stop in their night clothes.

There are a lot of us out there. You may not realize it because we stay in the car or have our coats on. Usually our hair is in an insta-bun or ponytail because a comb is the last thing on our minds at that hour of the morning.


Half of us are not wearing bras, and haven't brushed our teeth yet ... so just don't get too close.

Makeup? You've got to be kidding.

I do it because you wouldn't be able to tell the difference if I "got dressed." Other moms could just care less if people see them in their pajamas. As a few CafeMoms said recently in a CafeMom Newcomer's Club discussion, "I'm not trying to impress anyone. Who the h**l cares."

Your kids, maybe? Mine are too young, but I'd imagine there's an age when they will shrivel up in embarrassment if I appeared before their friends in my disheveled morning state. I think that happens somewhere around the time they swear off referring to you as "Mommy" and make you walk at least six feet behind them so it doesn't look like you're together.

Someday this could become a useful bargaining tool: "You'd better start speaking to me in a civil tone, young lady, or tomorrow at dropoff I'm pulling out the tartan flannels, fire engine red house slippers, and Donald Duck sweatshirt? Would you like that?"

Are you a "pajama mama"? Does it bother you when other moms show up at school or the bus stop looking like they just crawled out of bed?


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