I'm a Clothing Dictator

These. These are the sneakers that made my life miserable last weekend.

I refused to buy them for my 5 year old daughter, who I took shoe shopping. My clothes-obsessed daughter's criteria was that her new shoes light up. Fine. Since I only buy one quality pair per child, my criteria was that they be all-purpose, wear anywhere with anything shoes. These were the only light-ups in her size. Cringe, I could just see the priest's reaction to the light show my daughter produced as she pranced down the aisle on her 4th trip to the potty.

So a big fight ensued, beginning with a weepy tantrum in the store, to mopiness at home, to constant begging for me to go back and buy her the shoes. If I could afford it I would have, along with a no-frills pair in taupe that she would absolutely hate. But I don't have the bucks, and light-up shoes don't come in practical brown suede.


So, I guess I really am a clothing dictator. A subtle plum is about as vibrant as my own wardrobe gets, so unfortunately my understated taste is now forced upon my pink-loving daughter. When she was a baby I swore she'd never been seen in anything even remotely hot pink, which now makes up about 75 percent of her wardrobe so I'm happy to learn that I've become a bit flexible. Just not with $50 shoes.

Or with T-shirts with borderline crude or offensive sayings on them. I'm not alone in this judging from a discussion in the Newcomer's Club. One mom's husband recently allowed their 11 year old to buy a shirt reading: "G- F-ck Y--rs-lf. Wanna buy a vowel?" On top of that, the kid wore it to school, and the administrators and teachers didn't care!

Oh, I really wish public schools would reconsider uniforms. I may be a slouch when it comes to volunteering at public school, but I would definitely raise my hand to be on that committee.

Are you a clothing dictator when it comes to your kids' wardrobe? Are there certain things that you refuse to buy or strongly discourage them from wearing?

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