Toy Guns and Barbies: Risky Birthday Gifts

kids sword fighting on beach

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I never know what types of toys will offend or bother other moms, so I've crossed certain ones off the list entirely when shopping for birthday gifts, which I'll be doing this weekend since my son and daughter each have yet another one coming up in two weeks.

While shopping for a gift for the last birthday, a 5 year old boy, my daughter picked out a Star Wars Light Saber at Target. I nixed it because I got the vibe that the mom probably has an objection to toy guns, and some people might see a light saber as a big horrible weapon of death. I respect that opinion, though I'm so not that mom.


Neither is the mom of one of my son's friends. For his party, she handed all the boys a Nerf gun, sent them into the backyard for an hour, and let them go at it. The Nerf gun and a supply of foam bullets was their "goody bag" present. My son said it was the best party he's ever been to.

My son's room looks like an arsenal, with a whole shelf devoted to choice of light sabers, swords and Nerf guns. I've grown accustomed to being sliced, prodded and shot at on a daily basis.

Another thing many moms don't like are Barbies and Bratz dolls, more heavily the latter. You know, it's the whole oversexualizing women, turning little girls into sluts thing. One mom in The Cafe said her own sister told her she was "disappointed" that she bought her daughter a Barbie as a gift.

Another mom said a friend of hers doesn't let her daughter play with baby dolls because it encourages girls to become a mother at a young age. I understand about sluts, but someone please tell me what is wrong with young moms?

I don't think there's any gift that I wouldn't like my kids to receive, except maybe Legos. I hate Legos. I'll know I'll still be vacuuming up all those little pieces when they are in college.

Are there any banned birthday gifts on your list? Anything you find morally, ethically or otherwise wrong to give your child?

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