How $54 Will Help My Son With Homework

letter bin from pottery barn

Letter Bin from Pottery Barn; $54

The first step toward my 2010 Resolution to Be a Better Public School Mom is organizing my life at home. I'm never happier, nor do I feel more in control of life, than when my house is spanky clean, clear of clutter, with everything in its place.

My very small, closet-less house right now? Er, the exact opposite of what I just wrote.

This is one reason I'm constantly misplacing my son's homework and important school papers. He's failed to hand in several assignments this year because we're constantly losing them.

Right now I have designated a corner of the dining room table for these papers, which inevitably get swallowed up by my daughter's sketches, bills, newspapers, recipes, all those Pottery Barn catalogs ... oh, wait. I just found my Step 1.


I order the Letter Bin to hang on my wall kitchen wall.

I've had my eye on this for a while, but the price was steep. What the heck, I just got paid, I splurge. $54 is worth it if my son makes the honor roll. If this works out, I'll order the complimentary Office Organizer to hang directly underneath for all my pens, keys, cords and bills.

I should get it this weekend. Very excited about this. So far, this resolution that gives me an excuse to shop at Pottery Barn is so much more fun than giving up chocolate.

How do you organize and keep track of all the papers they send home from school, like homework, notes from teachers, etc?


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