Kick-Ass Movie: Who'd Allow Their Tween to Use This Language?

Yeah, it's just a movie. Yeah, it's pretend. Yeah, it's acting.

But I'm picturing myself as 11 year old Chloe Moretz's mom, sitting in the movie theater ready to watch the premiere of my daughter's major motion picture debut co-starring Nicholas Cage. OMG my sweet girl is going to be famous! Rich!


She's cute, and charming, and fierce in the role -- a adolescent superhero who pummels bad guys three times her size. Cool, I can deal with that. But then she starts talking ...

The F word.

The C word!

Watch the trailer and you'll hear what I mean. Sure, kids talk like that in real life. Even as young as 10. But most parents I know would not approve, in real life or pretend, even in the so-called name of "art." To be immortalized forever. Before millions and millions of people.

So I'm Miss High and Mighty. But I'd be having a serious chat with that director, even though I realize he'd probably start using the same words to me that Chloe uses in the film ...


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Does hearing foul language from the mouths of young children turn your stomach like it does mine?

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