The Child Name Murderers

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My daughter is Carolyn but lots of people (her swim teacher, some acquaintances, moms of her classmates) sometimes call her Caroline. I know if she was a Caroline it would be the other way around and she'd be called Carolyn all the time. Not that it's a hard name to pronounce. I think it's just a case of one name or another sticking in people's heads so that's the name that always pops out first.

So my daughter announced the other day she wants to have a nickname: Caroline. I think she's just tired of correcting people.


I love both names, but I explained that Caroline is not a nickname but a totally different name and that just wouldn't work. I'm still trying to get her to agree to Callie, but for some reason that's a no-go just now.

A mom in The CafeMom Newcomer's Club referred to it recently as "Name Murder." Like when your name is Brianna and people call you Bri-AHH-na instead of Bri-Anne-a, or when your name is Craig and people call you Greg.

My husband wins the World Record for the Most Murdered Name: Padraic. It's the Gaelic spelling/pronunciation for "Patrick." I can't blame people when they butcher it. You really need an Irish brogue to say it correctly, but the closest we Americans can get is "Paw-rick." When people try to say it most times it comes out "Pad-dray-ick" or "Poor-rick."

I laugh at it all, but an anonymous mom in Answers really hates it when people mispronounce her daughter's name: Kursten -- pronounced "Cure-sten" but frequently pronounced "Keer-stin."

But then sunkist78 chimes in and notes that her Kiersten is always called "Cure-sten," so I'll have to tell this story to my Caroline, I mean, Carolyn, so she knows it's not just her.

Do teachers or friends or even family members mispronounce your child's name? Do your children speak up or just let it go?


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