My Son Smoked Pot -- Life With 3 Teens

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It's hard enough raising one teen -- but three?! Welcome to RAZmom88's wild and wonderful life. Each Thursday she shares what drama or joy she encountered this week.

A Shocking Confession

We had a wonderful Christmas with family, food and lots of gifts. Everyone seemed very pleased  with what Santa brought them. With all these teens home there is never quiet, and the laundry never stops....

But just when you think you did an okay job raising your kids they do something to make you question your parenting.


If you remember back a few weeks, I shared that we were thinking of allowing Zack, 15, to spend the night with his older brother Ryan, 18, in his dorm at college. The whole trip was about Zack going to see a football game. Well, everything seemed to go well. They had a good time and everyone returned home for Thanksgiving safe and sound. 

Ryan and his friend James are here for winter break and the discussion came up about how much they have been drinking while at school. I was not happy to hear about the drinking, but I was never so naive to believe that there wasn't some partying going on. The information that I got from this discussion that startled me wasn't even about the drinking. Zack did not drink even though Ryan and his friends were.

He smoked pot.

Ryan talked a hundred miles an hour with a million excuses. He said he was already sleeping when it happened, and he didn't even know about it until later. I am so upset about it, I just can't believe they couldn't be trusted. I am upset with myself for letting Zack go,  I am upset with Ryan for not being more responsible, and I am disappointed with Zack for making such a bad choice. Zack will never be allowed to spend the night with his brother again, or at least for a very long time.

Can I Still Go to the Party, Mom? 

After all that, they have the guts to ask if Zack can go with them to a New Year's Eve party 45 miles away. No, Zack will be locked in the church for the all-nighter just like the previous four years. I asked Ryan not to go either, not just because I am worried about him drinking and driving but because I am concerned about others who will be on the road.   As of right now, the plan is for all of them to spend New Year's Eve at the church.


How did you react the first time you learned your son or daughter drank alcohol or smoked pot? What would your reaction be if you learned of it?


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