Be a Better Public School Mom: My Resolution

first grader with backpack

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My son is in first grade, the time when a child starts to develop the critical foundations, patterns, and habits to set the stage for a successful education. And I'm the one of the poeple who's supposed to be helping to instill all those skills, as well as supporting and nurturing my son's educational and social growth.

But I'm not sure I'd earn a passing grade. Work/life balance has never been a strong subject for me:

In just the past four months I've managed to:

-- Misplace my son's homework and weekly word lists several times (found one of them stuffed into a cookbook weeks later);

-- Totally forgot to send in the Saltine crackers that I signed up to contribute for the classroom gingerbread houses;


-- Failed to send in in advance a prepared shoebox top for said gingerbread houses after several reminders from his nice teacher (I finally did on the day they were actually  making the house.)

-- I haven't made one playdate yet with his new classmates.

-- I arrived late for Meet the Teacher Night and missed the principal's presentation (though I did actually show up at all, which is something)

-- Burned the pumpkin bread I was cooking at home for the school's Thanksgiving day feast (because I was running around multitasking and forgot to check the oven).

-- I've yet to darken the door of one PTA or school board meeting.

-- I throw away all the fundraising packets sent home in his folder because ...

-- I don't even have time to look at his schoolwork or art projects, let alone read fundraising materials.

I know these aren't the worst possible mom offenses, and I'm sure you're guilty of at least one. But I want my son's school life to be more of a priority than it clearly is.

So my Resolution for 2009 is to be more involved in my son's education all around, but I want to be realistic. So that I actually have a shot at achieving my goal, I've limited it to getting more involved with my son's learning at home. If I can volunteer or go to a meeting, great, but I'm not going to put undo pressure on myself.

Want to join me in this resolution? I'll be updating you every week on how I'm doing. I've given this some thought and divided my plan into steps:

Step 1: Get Organized

Step 2: Read Everything That Comes Home

Step 3: Set Up a Homework Station

Step 4: Set Up a Homework Time Procedure

Step 5: Read Together More

So stop by next week and see what I plan to do for Step 1. If I can even get that far I figure I'll be doing pretty good.

Are you a good school parent? What's your resolution for 2009?


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