Cool Backyard Igloo


Photo by tntmomof2

When I saw the post titled, "I Think My DH Is Smoking Crack With My Son," how could I not click to read it? Of course, it had nothing to do with drugs but igloos -- and if you've ever made one in your yard you'd realize how the title kinda makes sense.

tntmomof2 posted this great picture of the igloo her son and husband built after the huge snowstorm that hit eastern Long Island, New York, last weekend. Some areas out there got about two feet.

Then, of course, they both decided to sleep in it! That's where the drugs come in, because who in their right mind ...?


As tntmomof2 tells it:

"We built an igloo today in the front yard and they are in there right now with candles and sleeping bags attempting to spend the night camping out in there. Yup they have to be doing some sort of drugs LMAO.

"My son fell asleep and my husband got concerned that he would get hypothermia in the middle of the night. The sleeping bags were getting damp. Next time he'll cover the floor with cardboard or wood and make a wooden door so they dont get hypothermia. We carried our son in sleeping and put him in bed. For all he knows he stayed out there until 5 a.m.!"

sleeping in igloo

Photo by tntmomof2

We're an igloo building family, too, or I should say my husband is an igloo builder. We have two mini snow structures in our backyard right now. He simply piles up all the snow that he shovels off the deck and from the driveway, stamps the mounds down, waits a few hours for the snow to melt and harden a bit, then scoops them out with my plastic serving spoons. I've lost quite a few of those in recent years.

Does your family build igloos when it snows? Ever sleep in them?


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