Teenage Samaritans (They Exist, Really!)

snow-capped mountains

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Most teens I cross paths with don't say "thank you" when I open the door for them, let alone hold the door open for me and my kids, so I totally appreciate why blogger Brooke Reynolds was blown away by the unselflessness and courtesy of one young man recently.

She posted a pretend letter to the mother of this teenager on her blog that she never expects the mom (she doesn't have her name or address) to read, but as a way to remind the world there are exceptions to what we think of as the "teen rule" these days.


She was on vacation with her family when the car got stuck in the snow:

"Your son Ben came to our rescue. He could have just driven around us and been on his way like the hundreds of other cars, but your son pulled his truck in front of ours and grabbed a strap out of the back and tied our front bumber to the back of his truck. And then he pulled us ever so slowly up to the summit. Once we got to the top, he untied the strap (we were worried about braking on our way downhill and didn't want to slide into his truck). But then he offered to follow us all the way down the hill to our exit in Park City, to make sure we didn't get stuck again.

And so I wanted to write and tell you about your son, and the kindness he showed my family. I wanted to make sure you knew, and to thank you for raising the type of boy who would stop to help a stranger, even when it delayed his drive home by an hour or so on a dark and snowy night."

Read the full letter at Reynold's Inchmark Journal.

Would your teen stop in a snowstorm to help someone in trouble?


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