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teen boyfriend and girlfriend

Brittany and boyfriend, Ryan.

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"Taking a Break"

This weekend was filled with boyfriend/girlfriend drama

My 18 year old college student's car would not start so he sent it to the shop. So Ryan's dad drove 60 miles in a snow storm to bring him home for the weekend. He had to work 30 hours over the weekend to pay for the car repair. Brittany, his girlfriend of two years, had to stay at school to study for finals, and she was upset Ryan couldn't see her, so they decided to take a “break” from each other.


I checked Facebook Friday night. Brittany had changed her relationship status to "single." That's how me and the rest of the world was informed of the breakup.

So, the two of them continue posting nasty status updates and commenting on them through Saturday. On Sunday morning they talk by phone. After work and on the way back to school, Ryan stopped to see Brittany, and by Monday morning they were back together.

But it doesn't end there.

Too Young to Be Serious?

Monday night I'm on the computer and here comes an IM from Brittany, calling Ryan a liar and a cheat. I ask her what she means by this. Her answer is Zack, Ryan's 15 year old brother. 

Zack told me that while he was on Facebook, Britt had asked him what he knew about Ryan. She told him if you want your brother and I to break up, here's your chance. Zack told her he knew stuff about Ryan, but he wasn't going to share it. 

Zack found the whole thing funny. I tried to explain to Brittany that Zack was messing with her, but she had to stop acting so insecure. It was too late, though, as she had already called Ryan, who had turned off his phone and wasn't answering her texts.

The next morning I talked to Ryan. By the he and Brittany had talked and all was good ... again. Brittany claimed that Ryan was "verbally abusive" because he calls her crazy and a blonde. He said he doesn’t  really think that, though her behavior sometimes is "crazy." for instance, if he tells her he can’t talk to her on the phone because he is standing in a snow storm trying to get his car started, she plays it off as he doesn’t want to talk to her, that he doesn’t love her as much as she loves him. She wants to know what he is doing all the time, and even when he tells her, she will text him several times.

I love Brittany, I know they love each other, but maybe they are just too young to be in such a serious relationship. The mistrust , name-calling, possessiveness, and jealousy can’t be good. I know that they are young, but they are acting much more immaturely than they should be for their ages. 


Is your teen in a serious relationship? Would you prefer your teen date several different people casually or just one person seriously?


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