Santa Lights a Menorah

Well ... maybe he doesn't. I forgot to ask him in my email to him the other day. (Santa himself emailed me back, BTW, read the letter Santa wrote to me.) But I'll be sure to ask him directly next year.

Santa loves everyone, so I'm sure he has lots of Jewish friends that allow him to take part of that wonderful tradition. And why not? It's become pretty commonplace for a lot of families with moms and dads of different faiths to celebrate more than one of the December holidays.

But up comes the ages old debate -- does this confuse the child?

Holiday Entertaining Guide


Some mom friends of mine have said they believe it's better to raise a child in one faith. This is not to slight one religion over another but to give the child a better shot at sticking with one religion, any relgion, which is better than no religion at all.

CafeMom MeriBH, who was raised Jewish but married a Protestant, shared her thoughts on the matter and some of her own family's multi-religious traditions -- click the video above.

Tell me your thoughts ... is it better to raise a child strictly in one religion or to instill and celebrate all of the family's religions?


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