Volunteering at School -- Why You Should Make the Time

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One of my personal Resolutions for 2010 is to be more involved in my son's school, if not actually getting into the classroom and helping out, but taking a more active role in his homework and education at home.

So I wanted to find out how other moms manage to do it all -- work, volunteer at school, sleep, eat ...

I got insight from kylesmom, a working mom who's also very active in her third-grader Kyle's school.


Why she does it:

"I love the way it makes me feel more than anything, and I love to hear Kyle talk about all that I do."

What she does:

"As a room mom, I assist the teachers with parties, children's yearly service projects, and show our appreciation during teacher appreciation week. As a Parent Teacher Federation events coordinator I organize the book fair, Christmas store, talent show, and first day photos."

How she does it:

"As room mom you are usually only busy about a week prior to a holiday party or our fundraiser. We have other moms who help coordinate any volunteers and do scholastic book orders.

"I will usually try my best to attend every party. I also found that the more I have made myself known to the school and the teacher, the more they feel more open and comfortable with me and I enjoy that part. I did not like feeling that I am not a part of Kyle's life at school, where he almost has a different personality than he does at home."

Why other working moms should get involved:

"If the teachers know the parent is around for them, they know how much you want your child to succeed, and they'll usually open up a little more about your child and any additional needs they may have."


Do you volunteer at your child's school? How do you find the time to squeeze it into your already busy life?

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