Dealing with Mean Girls

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Just the topic of mean girls makes most moms of daughters cringe. Some of us were mean girls ourselves, others were victims, but all of us know that mean girls can have a huge impact on the life of a tween or teen. CM mom mammabowen is dealing with this right now with her tenderhearted 9-year-old who is being bossed and bullied by a not-so-nice crew.


stayhomemom22, a mom of 6(!) girls (and a former victim of mean girls herself) has some simple but sage advice. "I basically sat my daughter/s down and told them this..There are going to be mean people to you and what you have to do is...when someone is mean to you..DONT RESPOND to them, act like what they said to you is nothing, don't show emotion because that tells the other kids that it hurts your feelings and they will keep on being mean to her. If she just walks away or doesn't respond then these girls just stop doing's no fun for them anymore," she says.

An earlier Big Kids Buzz post on bullies underscores this same idea. In essence, kids who are bullied need to remember that they actually have the power. In that same article there is also a great link to expert, kid-friendly advice on the topic. Good luck moms who are dealing with this tough situation, the good news is that this is usally just a short-lived phase. And please, feel free to share any advice or suggestions for dealing with mean girls here.

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