Who Brings More Gifts -- Mom or Santa?

toddler in santa hat

Photo by lilysmommy8503

I told my son he could pick out 3-4 big gifts he would like to get from Santa. He hands me his list, then asks, "What are YOU getting me for Christmas, Mom?"

This is the first year he's asked this. Up to now, all the presents came from "Santa." I quickly realize this could be a trap. My son is very cunning for a 6 1/2 year old. I wonder if he's figured out the whole Santa thing and is playing me to try to get more presents.

Me: "Well, Mommy and Santa work together to pick out your toys, so what you get from Santa sort of comes from Mommy and Daddy, too."


Him: "But, you buy presents for my cousins, and they also get presents from Santa, so that means they are getting gifts from Santa and you. How come I don't also get gifts from you?"

Me, thinking: "That is a very good question, and one I'm going to have to ask on CafeMom because so I don't dig myself further into a hole."

A poll in Advice for Moms shows that moms are pretty split on the Mom/Santa gift ratio -- either Santa brings the most and Mommy buys a few, or Mommy buys the most and Santa drops a few under the tree as he wings by the house.

So now I have to explain why I am so much more generous to all his little cousins than to my own children.

What would you say? How do you explain the rationale behind both Mommy and Santa buying gifts in your house?


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