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It's hard enough raising one teen -- but three?! Welcome to RAZmom88's wild and wonderful life. Check back every Thursday to find out what drama or joy she encountered this week.

A Busy Holiday

We spent Thanksgiving at home with 22 family members. Ryan, 18, brought his friend James home with him. James comes from a very dysfunctional home so it was nice to see him enjoy the things that my own teens take for granted. Everyone who came to dinner contributed their speciality. I am very thankful my mom is a baker, since we had eight homemade pies. I also was very impressed with Ryan, James and my nephew Tony for doing the dishes after dinner.

Black Friday Traditions

It's a tradition in our family for my sister and I to leave Thanksgiving evening. We go stay in a motel, do Black Friday shopping, and relax in the hot tub. We had a wonderful time, Andrea, 18, went with us this year. We spent a lot of money, but got a good chunk of our Christmas shopping done. While we are gone DH and the boys put up our Christmas tree and decorations. The boys were not much help, since they slept all day.

On Saturday morning Andrea and I returned home just in time to pack up and leave for my in-laws, which we do every year the weekend after Thanksgiving.  We had to take two vehicles this year. DH, me and Zack, 15, rode in our truck and Ryan, Andrea, Britt and James went in my car. On Saturday evening they take us to see a Christmas light display and then we go to the parlor for ice cream. We all enjoy and look forward to going but having James with us was special this year. He was so excited.

Behind Closed Doors

Andrea and Britt slept in the guest bedroom. and the boys had to sleep on the pull out sofa in the family room. My father in-law was so worried about what the teens would be up to in the night that he slept on the couch in the living room, which is the room that separates the bedrooms from the family room. DH and I slept out in his parents motor home.

On Sunday morning DH's sister and her family come. This year was extra special because our nephew and his wife have a new baby.  Zack is the youngest grandchild and Kamden is the first great grandchild, born July 16, 2009. My mother-in law made a wonderful dinner. My father-in-law was his same old grumpy self. I love them.

We all had a long ride home so around 5 p.m. we all headed home.  My in-laws looked exhausted, and ready for us to leave.  All together they had six teenagers that day, I know that alone will wear you out.

We are very close with our extended family. I believe it good for our children to have such a large support group. Maybe we are a little dorky with all our family traditions, but we have so much fun. I share the responsibility for my kids being spoiled with all these people.


What holiday traditions do you involve your teens in? Do they resist -- or is it as fun and special for them as it is for you?


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MomIWant MomIWant

Thanksgiving & Christmas are usually peaceful at our house.  Our kids created some of our holiday traditions & they love to make sure we keep all our "family" traditions.  The end of the year is probably the most time we spend together (home from college, off from hs, dh & I take vacation time) of our favorite traditions is to stay in pj's the day after Thanksgiving and watch cheesy movies eating leftovers...a lot less expensive than shopping! LOL



Bearsjen Bearsjen

what a wonderful holiday,  am so envious! I dont think its dorky at all  and I am so happy for you and the kids to have all that tradition. I loved what you said about the friend James"enjoying traditions your kids tak for granted" you glossed over that a lil lol but its so true. That child,...idk what to say to you as a mom I am so humbled by that. TY for loving that teen!I think your kids may take it for granted, dont know them so only you can say for sure...but good! GOOD that they have never been thru something or a holiday with scattered pieces, or heartache kwim? They dont know whata it can be like, and will so pass that along to the next generation I think. and how cool Andrea went thru the transition of "hot tub" shoppin! lol how great for you that she joined the ranks and is a part of that. I have thought it before and will say it now-I want to be one of your teens! keep up the great work mama!

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