Sex Offender Infiltrates Project Santa

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My son reminded me that we have to write our letters to Santa very soon or his elves may not have enough time to *build* his toys the right way and they may not work properly. Cute! I only pretend to mail the letters so I can save them for a scrapbook.

But lots of moms do mail their kids' Santa letters as part of the US Postal Service's Operation Santa program so the child can get a response back with the authentic "North Pole" postmark.

If you look closely, you can see the postmark in this letter to one CafeMom's son at left.

No more. A sex offender has ruined that, according to the Associated Press.


Last year, post office officials discovered that one of the letter writers was a registered sex offender. They intercepted before he could write any letters to the children. The post office has decided that it's too big a risk to take, and has placed certain restrictions on the program.

Children can still mail their letters to Santa and get a response from a volunteer in the program, but it will not bear the North Pole postmark. It will say Boise, or Newark, or Phoenix or where ever that particular volunteer is from.

The volunteers in other states will be working within a new system in which the names and addresses of the children are shielded from the writers. North Pole, Alaska, does not have that capability, and the volunteers there who've been working in this 50 year old program are calling "Grinch!" all over the place.

Is the Post Office's decision to do away with the North Pole, Alaska, branch of the Santa letter program overkill or a good move?

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