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It's hard enough raising one teen -- but three?! Welcome to RAZmom88's wild and wonderful life. Check back every Thursday to find out what drama or joy she encountered this week.

A Choice

Zack, 15, made the choice not to try out for the JV basketball team and instead focus on indoor track. I was a little disappointed because I wanted him to do three sports this year and indoor track is not considered a school sport.

He made the decision so that he could be ready for track season this spring with the hope of making it to state. Last year he was the only underclassman to earn a Varsity letter in track. He also does weight training two nights a week. He explained to me how much pressure he is under to keep his grades up and do so many school activities. He is only going to focus on the ones he is best at.


School was closed on Friday so I invited Zack to go see a movie with me. We went and saw The Blind Side. We both loved it. Zack was quite surprised by the number of members of his football team that were in the theater to see New Moon. He says that's why he doesn't want a girlfriend, because you "lose your manhood.


Andrea went dinner with her dad and they also had a good time. Ryan showed up Friday night and took Andrea to see New Moon as part of her birthday gift from him. She has read all the books, she has a tote, two shirts and a whole mess of bracelets, bookmarks and an Edward background on her computer.

I took her at midnight to get the 1st movie on DVD. She went again on Sunday to see New Moon a second time with a group of girls from youth group. I don't know much about Twilight. I saw the first movie with her, but the vampires scare me to death.  She just laughs at me. I like the message of purity, but I wouldn't entrust a movie or book to install morals in my daughter. She has a head on her shoulders so I believe she understands that no handsome vampire is going to show up and swoop her off her feet. Not that she doesn't daydream about it.


Do you have a say in the number and types of sports your teens play in school, or do you leave those decisions up to them?


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