Voting is...Sexy.

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Love hip-hop or not, many big name rap artists have been pushing voter registration to record numbers of young people--and we're seeing the results right now. P Diddy, the legendary self-promoting, rap industry mogul, continues encouraging the "hip hop vote"  up to last moment with his "Vote or Die!" campaign. As a part of his new, non-partisan group Citizen Change, he even flew (in a private jet of course) to several swing states last week to make a personal plea to young people and minorities about the importance and, you bet, "sexiness" of voting. Tweens and teens seem to have a special affinity for the entertainment executive.


“I want y’all to bum rush those polls if you’re registered, and let them know we have the power,” Combs said, according to an AP report. “So that the next election that comes around, instead of them speaking to the NRA, AARP, soccer moms, NASCAR dads, they’ll be speaking to you, the forgotten ones, the one they turned their backs on.”

Do you think celebrities have made a difference in this election?

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