Black Friday Toy Deals, But No Zhu Zhu Pets :(

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Zhu Zhu Pets

Zhu Zhu Pets; $12.99

I think I've just solved two problems I'm having.

One, my daughter's constant request for a pet.

And two, the blank look on her face when I ask her what she wants for Christmas. "Toys," is the response I get. So helpful.

I'm totally in love with these Zhu Zhu Pets hamsters. These little guys run around the floor and squeak like the real deal. They can drive cars and run up ramps. They even know what room of the house they are in, making teeth brushing sounds when the enter the bathroom or alarm clock sounds when they enter the bedroom. Plus they are just so darn cute, I almost want one.


Unfortunately, they are one of the hottest toys of the season, and I probably have no hope in finding any, unless I feel like being ripped off and paying some of the inflated prices retailers are charging. Normally selling for around $4-$8 each, some of the big stores are charging upward of $60 for the popular ones. And even those are almost out of stock!

Hmm. Now talking this through, it seems as if I haven't solved any of my problems after all.

Luckily, there are also some GOOD deals out there for the popular, though maybe not the hottest, toys according to the website BFAds. These won't appeal to my daughter, unfortunately, but perhaps they'll work for your kids.

Here's a sampling -- you can click Great Deals on Hot Toys for more Black Friday Deals.

  • Lego Star Wars -- The Twilight. $60 (reg $100) at Toys R Us
  • Graco Interactive Smart Baby Doll with Stroller -- $25 (reg $50) at Target
  • Razor Ripster Skateboard Toy -- $35 (reg $60) at Kmart

Is your big kid asking for one of the hot toys for the holiday? Will she be getting it?

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