Best All-Ages Video Games

boy playing video games

Photo by supermommy121

This is how clueless I am ... When I saw a blog post for "E Rated" video games on the review site, I thought it stood for "Excellent." Or maybe "Easy." Then someone told me that E Rated games means they are good for "Everyone." As my children grow up I am getting as big of an education as they are.

Video games are on a lot of lists this season. My mom emailed me yesterday for game suggestions for a very entry-level learning game she's giving my son for Christmas, and I told her I had no idea! If your child specifies a certain game the content of which you can double-check with a game savvy mom friend, great.


If not, I thought I'd pass along this comprehensive list of the 25 best "E" rated video games from this calendar year for you to use to create a holiday buying guide for the little ones in your life.

In case you're curious, some of them include:

Mini Ninjas (Eidos; all consoles)

ExciteBots: Trick Racing (Wii, Nintendo)

The Legend of Zelda (Nintendo; DS)

Drawn to Life (THQ; DS, Wii)


Are you buying video games for your Big Kid this year? What's the best "Everyone" game?

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