Twilight Obsessed -- Who's Worse, You or Your Daughter?

cloud over the moon

Photo by SnoWhiteImages

If you or your big kid hate Twilight, just skip right on over this post -- and the like 20 others that the Buzz bloggers and I have written this week. Huge Twilight fans, all of us. We just can't stop thinking and talking about New Moon's premiere today.

Our official Daily Buzz Twilight Reporter got into the Thursday midnight showing -- read her Twilight review (she won't spoil anything) over in Entertainment Buzz. Moms are also sharing why they are so obsessed with the story and the characters.

Click over there to hear what they say. Then come back and tell me if you agree with some of these moms? And is your daughter obsessed for the same reasons you are -- or for a totally different reason?

Help to satisfy my Twilight fascination and tell me!

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