Do You Take Pictures of Your Tweens and Teens?

smiling kids

Photo by Cafe Cynthia

The joke goes that you take 10,000 photos of your first child and about 10 of your second.

My oldest is now 6 and the photo ratio between him and my daughter is finally leveling out. I've been taking more pictures of her than him lately, even though she's just a year and a half younger.

She just likes to pose (model) for the camera more, and my son ... well, other than candids, he can't be bothered. And half the time he just makes funny faces -- case in point the goofball at far left.

Cute, yes, but I'd like to have at least one photo to remember what his real face was like at this age. Even his school photos came back with that awful forced smile.


On one hand, babies and toddlers grow and change so quickly and dramatically that you need tons of pictures to remember each and every stage and milestone. School-age kids, tweens and teens grow fast, too, but in other ways more so than appearance.

I'm guessing that's one reason why there are so few pictures of tweens and teens on CafeMom. An endless amount of babies, a dearth of big kids.

Let's change that. I want to show off your gorgeous young men and women, but you've got to help me. Take their pictures ... playing video games, watching TV, doing their homework, working in the yard. I also want to see their bedrooms, their cars, and their clothes.

Upload the photos to your page and tag them dailybuzz so I can go in and grab them.

Do you take as many pictures of your big kids, tweens and teens as you did when they were babies? Why or why not?

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