Fighting Siblings -- Life with 3 Teens

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It's hard enough raising one teen -- but three?! Welcome to RAZmom88's wild and wonderful life. Check back every Thursday to find out what drama or joy she encountered this week.

Fighting Siblings

My teens usually get along fairly well. A few times I've heard name calling, which I hate. They are all my babies and I don't  like when they hurt each other. So on Saturday, Andrea and Zack were really going at each other.

Andrea turned off the video game while Zack was out of the room. He came back and threw a punch at her, and she did a good job of blocking it. I was completely stunned.

Zack went in his room and Andrea in hers. I went in and talked to each of them. Andrea knew Zack would be mad that she turned off the game (it was a football game and it took him hours to get where he was).


Zack knows we do not permit hitting, and I reminded him again in his room. Neither would admit they were wrong or would apologize. They blamed each other for starting it.

When they came out later in the day, they were fine with each other, like nothing had even happened. Is there something more I should have done? None of my kids have ever raised a hand to me but I know if the boys wanted to, they could take me down. I don't ever want to get to that point.

My Baby Girl Turns 18

I could write stories about Andrea all day. She was beautiful when she was born on November 16, 1991, still is. As a little girl she was always smiling, and I can remember clearly how her arm wrapped around my neck for the tightest hug. I tried hard to enroll her in dance or gymnastics, but she was a little tomboy, you never would catch her wearing pink. 

She did Karate, played t-ball, soccer, bowling and took swimming lessons. She was always the tiniest thing. At 18 she is only 4ft 11in. (and she hates it). She never talked to us, but we would hear her and Ryan (her big brother) in the room talking to each other. She and Ryan, 4 and 5, were the flower girl and ring bearer in my sister's wedding. Six months later my cousin asked Andrea to be the flower girl in his wedding. But Andrea she she couldn't because, she said, "I already got married to Ryan." Ryan was also upset that she would be marrying someone else.

I am so proud of her and the young lady she is. I don't know where the years went and I miss them. She is studying to go get her driver's license. I am excited for her but two teens driving is a little frightening. For her birthday last Monday her brothers sent her flowers and balloons to her at high school, and the youth group had cake for her Sunday evening. She has been receiving cards and gifts from family and friends for the last three days. Our family  will celebrate when we are all together for Thanksgiving.


Do your siblings fight? Do they use fists or words and how involved do you get in their battles?


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