Working Moms Are Losing Custody

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Oh, great. It's not enough that this working mom already feels guilty about not spending enough time with my kids. Now here's another bit of info I'm going to stash away and hopefully never use ...

Being a working mom is not looked on too favorably by the courts during custody battles. No one likes to think about divorce and I don't wish it on any of us. But according to a report in Working Mother magazine, more fathers, stay-at-home dads particularly, are fighting for primary custody of their children -- and winning.


Used to be that the child always went to the mother. But it's no longer uncommon for fathers seeking sole custody in a contested case to prevail at least 50 percent of the time, according to WM.

And over the past decade, the number of fathers awarded custody of their children has doubled, according to the latest data. Today, one in every four wives earns more than her husband, compared to one in five 20 years ago.

Some would argue this is only fair. The playing field is leveled. Gone is the "tender years doctrine" that said caring for children under 7 is best done by the mother.

Visit Working Mother for the full article on working moms losing custody battles.

What is your view -- should the mom still get preference for custody regardless if she works or not or do you believe the courts are acting fairly?


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