Do They Still Call You "Mommy"?

tween boy

Photo by Emmy_Dollface

My 6 year old still calls me "Mommy" most of the time, but randomly now he'll stick in the generic "Mom," and I think, wow, that just sounds so grown up.

My 30-something friend still refers to and addresses her mother as "Mommy" and to me it doesn't seem to fit.

My father will sometimes use the term in third person -- "Go ask Mommy what she wants to do about dinner" -- and I guess that sounds okay because he still considers me his little girl, plus it makes me feel young.


I'm going to leave that decision up to my own kids. They can continue to call me "Mommy" for as long they want, but I'm guessing eventually their friends will start making fun of them and I'll become plain old "Mom" for good.

As long as it's that name and not a bad name, I'm okay with that.

What ages are your kids and do they still call you "Mommy" or "Mama"? If you have tweens and teens, are they too embarrassed to call you "Mommy"?


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