Fun Outside Cold Weather Activities

best outdoor winter gamesOne thing I love about warm weather is the abundance of activities you can do. But once cold weather hits, your kids are limited (and are inside a lot more).


Momversation came up with some cold-weather activities for your kids to do:

  • Snow painting: If you live in an area that snows a lot, your kid may get bored making snowmen and snow angels. Turn the backyard into a giant canvas by putting food coloring and water to a spray bottle and paint away!
  • Ice skating: A favorite of mine during the winter months. Not only is indoor and outdoor skating fun, it's also really good exercise. 
  • Search for craft supplies: Nature is chock full of supplies for crafts, which your child can then use for homemade Christmas presents. Look for pine cones, sticks, pine needles, etc. to be used for various projects. 

Check out the website for more winter activities.


Image via Flickr/Michael Bentley

What types of activities do you and your children do during the cold months?

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