Spiderman IS Real -- Here's Proof ...

boy climbing walls like Spiderman

Photo by Nadine254

If my house had a hallway like this, it would be my son in this picture. I have to be careful not to let him see this on the computer because he'll definitely get ideas.

Nadine254 snapped this shot of her 5 year old son, Jordan.

And then, look what her 3 year old Jayden did ...












He copied his big brother, of course!

toddler climbing the wall like spiderman

Photo by Nadine 254

I'm with gypsydancer7. When she saw this picture, she said: "I was that girl as a child. Wanna know what's really bad? I want to go see if I can still do it now!"

Does your school age kid climb walls, furniture, cars or attempt other crazy antics?

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