11 Year Old Helps Deliver Baby

baby in knit sweater

Photo by ventichaitea

I'm just so impressed with the 11 year old girl who helped to deliver her mother's baby at home. She's just five years older than my son. He's only mastering opening the door with the key. It's amazing to think what he'll be capable of in a couple of years.

Kierra Nubin called 911 when her laboring mom reported that the baby was starting to come out.

"I need an ambulance now," the girl told the 911 operator.

The operator told the girl to tell her mom to assume the most comfortable position, and have her to take deep breaths between contractions. Nubin continued to relay the information to her mom.


Seconds later, Nubin cried that the baby was coming!

Big sis will have quite a story to tell baby sis Marnia in a few years.

Click to see a transcript of the 911 call.

Would your Big Kid be able to act so calm and collected during an emergency? Do you think they would be capable of helping you through and unexpected childbirth?


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