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school corridorCafeMom RaeLynn1221 does not vaccinate her children against the seasonal flu, nor did she want her little girl immunized against H1N1. She just doesn't believe the illness is as bad as the media is making out to warrant it.

And yet, the school vaccinated her daughter without her consent. There have been stories of this happening other places, but this is the first I've heard involving a CafeMom.

RaeLynn1221 is sharing her experience her to let other moms know that while it may not be common, mistakes are being made:

How It Happened

On October 21, my 5 year old daughter's school distributed information about the vaccine along with a permission slip. It asked whether I consent to the H1N1 vaccine and I circled no. I returned the slip to the school a few days later. On a Monday, I got a slip of paper informing parents that vaccines would be given last Thursday. Children with forms that were not turned in would not get the vaccine, the letter said.

On that Thursday morning I told my daughter, Paige, that she won't be getting the vaccine, and that if they tried to give it to her, to tell them her mommy said no. When she got off the bus, I asked if any of her friends had received it. That's when she told me that she got it.

The Effects

They gave her the nasal mist. She and other students thought it was water being shot into their nose. She told me she'd explained to a teacher that she was not supposed to get the shot, but they didn't listen to her. She said it burned her nose and tasted bad. I tried calling the school and no one answered. I got there too late, nobody was there.

The Fallout

Last Friday I took her to school and confirmed with the principal that she did in fact get the shot. I asked who was responsible for looking at the forms and he said many people. I asked for a copy of the permission slip. They said the health department had it and would send me a copy. The school nurse was not there, so I did not talk to her. The health department called me back later and apologized, saying the vaccine was safe. If she has any reactions, I'm to take her to the doctor.

Taking Action

My husband called a couple of lawyers today, but we were not able to get a hold of anyone. I want people to know this is happening. I used to think parents were being paranoid about this vax, but not any more.


What would you do if  your son or daughter was vaccinated against your wishes?

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yetti26 yetti26

I would be just as upset and would take legal action. That mistake should have been easily avoided -- but instead it was ignored.

Lanasmom Lanasmom

Wow--i'd be livid --I have to wonder--was this an accident, or an "accident on purpose" kinda thing?

auror... aurorabunny

I hope you sue the shit out of them.  I am infuriated for you and your daughter.

crzym... crzymom2two

My children's school is going to be giving this vaccine as well, and I am against my children getting this vaccine.  I will be making sure to let everyone know that my kids are NOT to be given this vaccine...besides circling no on the permission slip, I will now be sending a note to both of my children's teacher reinforcing the fact that I do NOT want them to get his vaccine.  I am sorry to hear that this has happened, and hope that you get the compensation and resolution you deserve.

griaane griaane

Wow it sure sounds like the school wasn't paying attention at all. I am sorry this happened to you. I am as well not letting my kids get the vaccine. My daughters school sent home a note last week saying their were having a vaccine clinic at the school and I am thankful they moved it to the health clinic. Makes you think how many other kids got that vaccine that was not suppose to :(

DawnA72 DawnA72

Take legal action. 

MomOf... MomOfJandM

I would be very upset.  Parents check NO on those forms for many different reasons.  What if she had been allergic to something in that nasal spray?  Seeing that she has never even had a regular flu shot, she very well could have been allergic to something and no one would have know.

RanaA... RanaAurora

This needs to go to media, lawyers, etc.  Like others have said, what if you'd said no because of severe allergies, like the common EGG allergy?  Despite that, they have NO right to do that without parental consent.

CARA2008 CARA2008

In school there are so many children so I am not suprised these things happen. One more reason I homeschool my children.

auror... aurorabunny

The worst part is I wonder how "uncommon" this really is.  I've read in the papers about this happening to several children already, one of which had to go to the ER after the vaccine interfered with something in her epilepsy medication I believe?  At any rate it made her very sick.

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