Parents Sue to Stop Students From Performing "Rent"

Rent is one of my favorite musicals...ever! Everytime I watch it, you can guarantee I will cry and sing very loudly to the songs. It's a classic.


But, yes, the subject matter is a little taboo. That's why some parents at a Nevada high school are suing the school to keep students from performing Rent in a play.

The storyline is about an eclectic group of friends living in New York City. The characters include a drug-addicted stripper, drag queen, homosexual and heterosexual couples, and many of the characters are HIV-positive. It follows this group for one year through their individual struggles and how their friendship gets them through it.

The movie-version has a PG-13 rating because of cursing, drugs and sexuality, but there's also a toned-down "School Edition" version (it's unknown which version the Nevada school was using).

Parent Dish has the full scoop.

Do you think Rent is appropriate for high schoolers to perform? What about a "toned-down" version of it?

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