Bathroom Stall -- Watch Out If Your Teen Uses It

laptop computer workBack in my teen days, friends wrote mean things about you on the bathroom wall.

Today, friends write mean things about other friends on the Bathroom Stall on Facebook.

Cafe Sheri tipped me off to this ... I didn't even know it existed. Maybe you don't either, but you should when you hear what I learned.


The Bathroom Stall is a page on Facebook where you and your friends can write anonymously about each other, and all your other friends can see it and add to it.

According to Common Sense Media, it's the number one anonymous application (not developed by Facebook), with more than 150,000 monthly active users. And while users can post nice things, most of them don't. Most are just nasty because friends are anonymous and no one is accountable for what they say or reveal about someone else.

I tried to find some examples, but you have to download the application, which makes use of your profile, pictures and all your friends information to the page, and I surely wasn't going to do that. I had enough of this stuff when I actually was in high school.

Do your kids use the Bathroom Stall? Did you even know about it and will you ban its use if you find out they are?

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