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It's hard enough raising one teen -- but three?! Welcome to RAZmom88's wild and wonderful life. Check back every Thursday to find out what drama or joy she encountered this week.

Alcohol on campus

Ryan, 18, got caught with beer in his dorm room. They made him dump it out and write a letter home. He claims that the beer actually belonged to a 21 year old friend who was visiting, but the rule is no alcohol in the dorms. 

I gave him the whole, "You are in school studying criminal justice, think about your future!" speech. He insists that he is behaving himself. I told him I would give him the benefit of the doubt this time, but one more incident and his car will be taken and parked at home.


He won't be able to continue working part-time without transportation, so he can just stay on campus until we come get him. The car is the only leverage we have at this point. He is 18 and we don't pay for his schooling (that's from scholarships and an education fund).

As aggravated as I am with him, I do appreciate that he never raises his voice or uses inappropriate language when talking to me or his dad. He really is a good kid, he just is always doing the dumbest things. Maybe it's his ADHD?

Good grades!

For my two high-schoolers, mid-term grades came in and Zack, 15, has 2 As and 3 B+s.  Andrea, 17, has always struggled with school, but started at the vocational training center this year studying marketing and is doing very well. She has 3's in her marketing class and 1 B and 1 C in her regular classes. We are so proud of both of them.

Quality time with Zack

School was closed last week because of the flu, and Zack spent a lot of time at home with me. He even proved that he does know how to use the vacuum. One afternoon while I was taking a nap, he painted my hair with Halloween hair paint. We watched scary movies (he watched them, I hid my head) and he showed me his "farm" on Facebook.

"It's not a date, Mom"

Andrea spent one night with a friend and then the girls spent the next night here.   She spent one day with her Grandma, cleaning. On Friday she went to a Halloween party hosted by her youth group friends. On Sunday evening she went to see a concert with a male friend. (I call it a date, she says it's not a date)   


Has your teen every been caught with alcohol? What explanation did they give you?


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