Hey, You Stole My Kid's Birthday Day!

5th birthday cake

Photo by yeager_79

I dropped the ball a couple times this week.

The first grade parent-teacher conference that we scheduled months ago is coming up, but I lost my reminder card and now have no idea when it is. I fear I may have missed it.

Then, while bringing my daughter to preschool this morning, another mom handed me an invitation to her son's birthday party -- on the same day that my daughter is turning 5. On the same weekend that I should have already had a party planned, scheduled, and invited guests for weeks ago.

How did it get to be November already?


Now that day is "claimed" and I have to whip up a party on another date, which can't be the prior weekend because that's Thanksgiving. So it will have to be just weeks before Christmas, when everyone is busy and probably only half of the invitees can come. Greeeaaaat. My daughter is going to kill me.

So now I'm scrambling and I need your help. I need ideas for smallish birthday party that incorporates some girly-girl elements but not all since some of her best friends are boys.

Should I go to the ice cream shop?

Do some sort of themed party at home?

Help me.


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