Halloween Candy: Don't Eat It, Experiment On It

child dressed as black angel

Photo by JSVDP

Forget what I said the other day about throwing away the Halloween candy, especially since everyone started yelling at me. I'm now going to keep it all. But not all for eating. I'm going to do candy experiments on it with my first-grader instead. Cafe Sheri had the same idea in Toddler Buzz, plus more ideas for what to do with leftover candy.

Here's the first one I'm going to do with M&Ms:


First, drop the M&Ms in the water.

After a few minutes, look for floating letters.  (Do not stir the water--you might break the m's.)

What's happening?

The white m's on M&Ms are printed with edible ink that doesn't dissolve. When the rest of the candy shell dissolves, the m's peel off and float.

This also works with Skittles.

There's lots more of these on CandyExperiements.com.

Best part is you definitely won't want to chow down on the candy after you put it through your lab tests.

Will you try some of these easy candy experiments with your kids?

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