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swine flu vaccineMany CafeMoms are in no rush to line up for the controversial swine flu vaccine. Some say the Obamas weren't either. Malia and Sasha apparently waited two weeks to get their shots along with other school children in Washington D.C. Seems like a non-issue, right?

Some people are commenting on blogs and the web that the Obama girls got preferential treatment for access to the vaccine, given to them by the White House doctor last week.

It started when a man from Texas, with two compromised special needs kids living in his home, complained he hasn't been able to get the vaccine for the children, who would be given priority over healthy children. But different areas are getting the vaccine at different times. There's no shortage in Washington, D.C.

The Associated Press quotes some experts who don't necessarily agree that the First Daughters were given preferential treatment at all, but say that they got vaccinated at all is a good thing for several reasons ... and I know you have plenty to say about this. The experts say ....

  • It's a statement about how important vaccines are;
  • Research has shown that parents are likely to support immunization if they learn that their doctors have vaccinated their own children, and the Obamas' decision could be just as influential;
  •  Sick children are distracting for any parent, and everyone wants the President's attention focused on the issues before him;
  • If his kids get sick, their father could catch it from them. Not a job position where you'd like to see the employee take too many sick days.

In more swine flu news, did you hear about the 7 year old boy who was vaccinated against his parents' wishes?

Do you think the Obama daughters were given preferential treatment? And your thoughts on the fact they were vaccinated in the first place -- what do you think of the President's stance of vaccines?


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Lumin... LuminousMom

....this is such a non issue to me. They are the presidents daughters.. I would expect them to get the vaccine at the white house, from the white house doc.. and I dont think anyone really should be upset that TWO little girls got their H1N1 shots. They are using them as "see look.. THEY got their shots!" well.. so did thousands of other kids across the country. Yeah, it sucks there isnt enough to go around to the kids who's parents choose to give it to them.. but I find it unfair to single out the presidents kids like that.

Lynette Lynette

I think it was a good move on his part.  Shows the American public that he truly believes this vax to be safe. 

This comming from someone who is not getting this vax for her kids and also not a big Obama fan

auror... aurorabunny

If anyone decides to vaccinate their child just because Obama vaccinated his they should just get a big giant FAIL stamp on their hand.  Gah. 

Kings... Kingstons_Mom

Earlier last week, when people discovered that the President's daughters hadn't received the H1N1 vaccine, the story was spun as "proof" of how unsafe the vaccine is perceived to be.

Now that the girls have been vaccinated, the spin is that the Obamas are horribly elitist, and their kids "jumped the line".


It's so frustrating to see people get so worked up about something that I believe is a non-issue. Whatever happened to medical privacy? Yes, the Obama girls are related to the President of the United States, so they can expect to receive national attention, but where do we draw the line? Are we going to have to hear about when the girls get their first period? C'mon! :P

mommy... mommydearest31

Yea, I agree, give them a break you people - allow the President and his wife to be parents!  Whether or not their kids get the vaccination is of no concern to me - my concern is is it safe or not - and that  has nothing to do with whether the presidents kids get it.  This is so trivial its almost laughable.

Owens... OwensMommy14

who cares, apparently according to some he cant get anything right.  His daughters got the vaccine, Personally I dont want the person running my country to have to call in sick for the next couple of weeks because of the swine flu. if his kids didnt get it the news would be all over the fact Oh "he doesnt think its safe, his kids havent gotten it yet" this isnt just about him, its about celebrities as well...  I think that ify ou think your child should get it, great. go for it, if not then dont. Ill be vaccinating my son when it comes to my town. hes already had the seasonal flu and croup.  Im done with being sick around here! :)

3kids... 3kids1dog

The vaccine is not available in Washington DC. I live 15 miles outside of DC, and we don't have it here either. If the White House doctor got it for them, they were very fortunate. Whenever they do have vaccine here, they announce where it will be, usually a school or something, then 20,000 people show up to get their kids a vaccine, wait in line all day, and if they are lucky, they get it.

ethan... ethans_momma06

Personally...if this is such an epidemic and the vaccine is so freaking fantastic then it should be made available to those who are the highest risk or highest need first. Sorry, but the Presidents daughters aren't in that criteria. So yes, I would think that that would describe preferential treatment perfectly.

Does it matter to me PERSONALLY that they received it? Not at all. Philosophically I think that if it was such an important thing to have then I beleive that they should not have been given it. There are so many at risk and needy people who have missed out on being given it and they should be taking top priority.

I could give a rats tushy about what the President (current, or past) thinks about vaccines, I do my own research based on medical research and don't just blindly follow like a sheep or say 'Well THEY said it was o.k., so it must be'. That has to be one of the worst reasons to inject your kid with ANYTHING.


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