If I Ran for President...

photo courtesy Amazon.com

(any similarity to Obama purely coincidental)

Countdown to the presidential election! And kids as young as elementary school are feeling it. It? The hype, the build-up, the fanaticism on the news and sometimes at home too. I decided early on to make this entire election process a teaching moment for my kindergartner, and for the most part, so far so good. My plan was to cap everything off by bringing him in the booth with me, but now I think the political lesson will continue beyond Tuesday.


Just yesterday I found the most adorable book series on the election process and presidential politics that I'm determined to get and felt I should share. (Hey, better late than never.) With the help of these books, now I'm certain we won't lose the impromptu lessons of the last 20 or so months. If I Ran for President and If I Were President by Catherine Stier ($6.99 each) are designated for grades 1–3, and by all accounts they are truly engaging, smart and funny. I'm sold!

From a review on Amazon: This title is a step above the usual election books, both in content and entertainment value. Six children take turns explaining the election process as if they were running for president. They discuss their decision to run, campaigning, primaries and conventions, debating, being interviewed, meeting the public, voting, and being sworn in on Inauguration Day. Stier does a good job of explaining election details, both in an introductory note about electoral votes and in the text itself...Barbara Katz, Parish Episcopal School, Dallas, TX.

Know of any other book on American politics for kids? Do you have this one?

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