Life With 3 Teens: New Buzz Feature!



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It's hard enough raising one teen -- imagine having three?! Welcome to RAZmom88's wild and wonderful life. Check back every Thursday to find out what new teen drama, tough topic, or joy she encountered this week.

To kick off the new journal, let's meet RAZmom88 and her family ...

Thank you so much for sharing! Tell us about yourself!

I am a 37 year old mom of three teenagers. I have been married to my husband and their dad for 15 years. We live outside of a small town in Michigan. I worked outside the home until being laid off about six months ago. I am loving being a SAHM. My husband is a maintenance lead for a stamping plant.

I have a wonderful life. God has to be number one in your life and family number two.  The faith I have in God to take care of my family relieves me of a lot of the stress.


My oldest son, Ryan, 18, is a freshman in college and lives on campus about 75 miles away. Ryan is very outgoing and loves being the center of attention. He has ADHD, but I think his energy is part of his charm. He has been dating his girlfriend, Britt, for over two years. She is a wonderful young lady, and we love her. Ryan is home almost every weekend, he works part-time for a fast-food place near our home. My son is very aware of others' feelings. Every time he enters or leaves a room I am in, he stops to hug me.

My only daughter is Andrea, 17. She's in junior high school and has been playing soccer for 12 years. Andrea has very strong Christian beliefs, very active in our church youth group. She is trustworthy and loving, but she can be moody and opinionated. She is loved by everyone, and she a "good girl."

Zack is 15. He is our baby and spoiled by everyone including his brother and sister. He is very  athletic. He plays football and runs track, and excels in both. He also does very well in school. He is quieter and somewhat shy. He doesn't want any attention on himself. He is sensitive and very loving to animals. Zack is witty and can be very sarcastic. Our family finds him very humorous but people that don't know him sometimes take him as rude.

What is your parenting philosophy?

I am lenient. I believe that I set a foundation of love and respect when they were small. They know what is expected of them. I want them to know they are loved unconditionally. I will always listen to them, even though I may not agree with them -- their feelings, thoughts and opinions are important to me.

You have to keep communication open.  You have to live your life as an example for them. You have to be able to learn from your mistakes, admit when you are wrong  and be able to say you are sorry. Even to your children.  


Check back next Thursday for the first journal report!

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