Santa vs. Edward Cullen

baby in santa outfit

Photo by lukeNgavinsmom

Now that Halloween is over, talk with turn to the holidays. Not so much Thanksgiving,  but the good ones that involve toys. In case your Big Kid might be tempted to spill the beans about Santa to your little ones who still believe, here's a funny story.

anetrnlov found this on Facebook. I don't know if it's true or not, but what a great comeback line ...

"Today, my 6 year-old daughter was asking me questions about Santa Claus at dinner. My 13 year-old daughter was getting annoyed with all the dumb questions and simply told her younger sister that Santa didn't exist. Instead of being aghast and upset, my younger daughter just said, 'Yeah, but neither does Edward Cullen!' "

"My older daughter left the dinner table and I think its easy to say who won tonight."



What made me chuckle even more was Sweet_Britt in the Newcomer's Club, where anetrnlov shared this story:

"Wait. What? He doesn't? Booooooooo."

I heart CafeMom sarcasm.


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