Teens Trying to Get Pregnant

woman taking pregnancy testThis is a serious subject and nothing to laugh at, least of which by the moms of teen girls who are actually trying to get pregnant. All this goes to show in some of the honest gut reactions that moms gave in two recent posts on the subject. Obviously it's a very real issue that's on a lot of moms' minds lately.

Here's how some moms would react if they found out their teen daughters were trying to get pregnant on purpose:


"If I found out she was trying to get pregnant, I would send her to boot camp. And I am dead serious."

"Lock her in the basement until she is 42."

"I'd provide her with condoms, possibly birth control, and we'd be discussing the responsibilities of being a mother. Not to mention I'd find someone in the neighborhood with an infant or toddler and arrange my child to babysit in hopes of showing them that they are not ready to deal with that 24/7."

"I would get her psychological help."

"Well, I'd yell at her. And I'd be really disappointed. But then really what can ya do but help her raise it."

"Her a** would never leave the house, and if it did happen, she would raise that baby and still go to school and take care of her responsibilities."

One mom in the CafeMom Newcomer's Club commented that many teens try to have babies because of something missing in their life, be it attention from their parents or something to love that will love them back. This mom said six of her friends got pregnant at the ages of 13 to 15 for those very reasons. So sad.

Why do you think teen girls try to get pregnant on purpose, and what would you do if you found out your daughter was trying?

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