Oral Sex Is the New Goodnight Kiss

Oral Sex Is the New Goodnight KissThis is the title of a new parenting book, and it disturbs me to no end. It's true that many tweens and teens don't consider oral sex to be true "sex" and often submit to requests for it as nonchalantly as if asked to pass a bottle of ketchup down the table.

The book -- made into a documentary -- chronicles the sex lives of teen girls. The author, Sharlene Azam, also examines the recent emergence of teenage prostitution in affluent suburbs. Middle class girls as young as 12 are having sex with up to seven men a night, several times a week, so they can go shopping.

A lot of moms in the Connecting With Your Teenager group have given it to their daughters to read. But myfoursonsks, who has four boys, reminded moms not to only blame the boys. Even the book author says that your daughter's best friends may be her biggest enemies when it comes to letting down her moral guard.


"I hate seeing how moms tend to bash the boys and act like everything their daughters do is all the boys' fault," myfoursonsks says. "That is usually so untrue. They are just using the boys as a scapegoat because sexual activity is more expected of boys than girls. The sexual aggressiveness can go both ways, for sure."

Other moms agreed with her.

"I have a girl and two boys and my youngest boy (14) was asleep and I kept hearing this noise," one mom says. "So I went into his room and this girl (also 14) is texting him at 3:30 in the morning! I write back, Like, he's asleep, where YOU SHOULD BE! Good grief! Then he comes home with hickies on him!"

Have you read the book yet? Who is more sexually agressive -- boys or girls? Or are they equal in that regard?


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