Are Teens Too Old to Trick or Treat?

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In some towns, trick or treating is against the law once you are in high school. But if you ask CafeMoms, you are never too old to dress up and knock on doors. Most towns still allow trick or treaters of any age. And one mom was wondering about this for her high school freshman. The 14 year old daughter is planning to dress up for Halloween with her friends, but her mom thinks that's ridiculous.

Another mom says that her friend doesn't like it when groups of teens knock on her door late at night because she doesn't know what their intentions are. A neighbor told a CafeMom that she tells high-schoolers outright they are too old to be trick or treating. Ouch, harsh.

The naysayers were a little outnumbered. Lots of moms say their teens still knock on doors asking for candy -- they think it's great (as long as the kids are respectful and stay out of trouble). It keeps them young, so why not?


Some thoughts from other CafeMoms:

  • I figure if people don't want to give my son candy they can tell him no, and USUALLY he and his buddies only go to friends and family's houses anyway to show off their costumes.
  • Mine stick to just our neighborhood. They always dress up as really cool ghouls. They always make sure they're not over-running any little ones. And, they try hard not to spook the little ones either. If there's a group of little ones, they'll hold back until the group has moved on. I have to say, that really makes me proud of the guys!

  • I love to see the older kids dress up just as much as the younger ones. It's about having fun and being able to dress up. How many other times during the year can you dress up as ANYTHING and have fun with it?

Lots of moms (and dads) dress up, too. My husband is a teacher and always goes to school the day of (or day before) Halloween dressed as something wacky. Last year he wore a long white wig, white face paint and black eyeliner and went to work as some type of goth vamp (is there any other kind?). One of his favorite all-time costumes was a flower (don't even ask me.)

Me? Since I can't even be bothered to put on makeup in the morning before leaving the house, take a guess!

Does your teen still go trick or treating? Do you set any ground rules for asking for candy and knocking on doors?


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